Helpful Parent Approved Half Term Activites

Need Some Inspiration? Are you, like me, attempting to organise the Half Term week ahead of us (along with everything else)? Fear not. I've been researching the interweb and have handpicked a few tips to share with you (not exhaustive) which may help in your plight to find something to do each day to occupy … Continue reading Helpful Parent Approved Half Term Activites


Let’s start at the beginning

Welcome! It's good to host you. Meet your friendly, funny (ok, occasionally), local Malvern Mum. Husband. Twin 3 year olds. Two cats. Mortgage. You know the rest... So... what's all this 'Magic of Malvern' about? Well, permit me to give you a bit of background. I recently left a long term, London based job. Long … Continue reading Let’s start at the beginning