Let’s start at the beginning


It’s good to host you. Meet your friendly, funny (ok, occasionally), local Malvern Mum. Husband. Twin 3 year olds. Two cats. Mortgage. You know the rest… So… what’s all this ‘Magic of Malvern’ about? Well, permit me to give you a bit of background. I recently left a long term, London based job. Long hours, hard work but a great job nonetheless. No need to commute. I worked from home for over 7 years… Home. 24/7 sometimes. I love my home but 24 hours 7 days a week can do your head in. You become slightly mad. I did. Even if you are disciplined, like me. Ha, or so I thought. So there it is, a tiny peep hole into how Magic of Malvern was born. Put simply, I needed to #GetOutMore and discover Malvern. To learn about the ‘Magic of Malvern’.

And so…

I’ve lived in the area for a while now. But I can’t claim to know Malvern well (this will change). Even those BEAUTIFUL hills – I can’t take my eyes off them. I often looked up at them (during the 24/7 days) from the end of the garden (no boast of a clear view, merely a token gesture of the tip of one hill) and dreamed of being that tiny pin of a person walking along the top. In fact I LONGED to be that person. Free. Jealous they were out. What stopped me? Why was it so terribly difficult to go out for a walk at lunchtime? Or get up early in the morning? Me. I stopped myself. Why? Well, I’m working on that. Call it procrastination. A tad on the unhappy side, if we were to dig a little deeper. But this campaign isn’t personal. This blog merely serves to introduce you to how Magic of Malvern was formed. Where the idea came from. Perhaps you’re a Mum too and can resonate with some or all of this. If you do, I hear ya and please join me. Let’s get out and whilst you’re at it, bring the kids too.

What’s Happening?

So what should you expect from Magic of Malvern over the coming months? I intend to get out. A lot. So be prepared to be indulged with a bit of each of the following:

  • Family friendly events taking place over the coming months.
  • Tips on walks in the area.
  • Parks and playgrounds to take the kids (preferably ones with a cafe!).
  • Places to eat and drink with and without the kids including…
    • Family friendly pubs
    • Date night venue suggestions
    • Girl’s nights out (an integral part of retaining one’s sanity)
    • I’ll even tackle babysitting…
  • Health and well-being – let’s look after ourselves better. How’s about some of the following…
    • Beauty salons and spas in the area (not forgetting to share offers I come across)
    • ‘Good read’ articles, hints and tips on general well-being
  • Keep it local! I’m keen to share information on the local community, local businesses and in general to encourage you to shop local. If you are one of those businesses, get in touch (message me).
  • Lastly, I love a dollop of culture. So I’ll share what’s coming up at the theatres, galleries, local news and interesting facts.

Perhaps, if you’re feeling brave you could interact with me. Share what you’re up to. Places you’ve visited. I’d be happy to hear from you. Help us all to discover the best of Malvern and the surrounding areas.

Well, that’s me for my first blog in this campaign. I look forward to crossing paths with you again soon. Thanks for reading my friend. And take care.

Be sure to follow me on social media – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Search for @magicofmalvern.


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