Outdoors Is Good For Your Health

Have you read my introductory blog? If not, read that first then continue. This blog will make more sense…

Hello again! So now that you’re up to speed, I can fill you in on my latest challenge: To get outdoors every day for at least 15 minutes.

Since leaving my busy London job, working from home for over seven years, I started to look for positive ways to encourage myself out of the house in a bid to promote self-care for my sake, and therefore my family. If Mum is happy, they will be (well, sort of!). So I have set a pledge to myself to get out, discover where I live and dust off those cobweb-ridden socialising skills: #GetOutMore

What Is #GetOutMore?

This is the hashtag I will use when posting activities about this pledge. In the following weeks I plan to get out for as much time as I can afford (essentially 15 minutes), and either walk or drive somewhere, be it to my local shop for some essentials shopping, to the local green space, round the block, up the hills, into town… I will then post what I’ve been up to using the hashtag #GetOutMore.

Fancy Joining Me?

It’ll be fun! And good for you. All you need to do is seize the opportunity to get outside for some fresh air EVERY DAY, for 15 minutes or more if you can. A walk round the block… visit the corner shop for that milk… open the back door and water the plants or plant a new flower. And remember, start that conversation, even if it’s to smile and say ‘hello’ to the person walking by. With or without the kids. It feels good to make new friends, and getting out gives you fresh perspective.

Let’s pledge to get out more. Be more social and gain that self-confidence back because life can be tough with EVERYTHING that goes on – work, friendships, family, kids, other halves, not forgetting being a Mum. There is SO much to think about. You just need to focus a little on yourself first before you try to tackle the other stuff.

What Should I Expect?

I’ll be sharing my daily fresh air anecdotes and mention the people I meet along the way. Follow me, like me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and, most importantly, join in with me. Grab your phone, take a snap and share your outdoors moments using #GetOutMore. Don’t forget, be social!

I look forward to seeing you outdoors! Take care.

#MalvernMoments #KeepItSimple #BeMoreSocial #GetOutMore #Parents #LifeWithTwins


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