Independents’ Day: Cicciona’s

Thank goodness it’s Friday again…! We made it!! That means it’s ‘Independents Day’…

Continuing to celebrate July’s Independent Retailer Month (any excuse to promote all types of local business!), this week we talk about our recent meet up with Founder and Owner of Cicciona’s, Sarah, Mum to three boys, to learn about her Wedding Crèche (and babysitter!) business she set up back in 2004. Yes, that’s right! Local, trustworthy babysitting – get booking those date nights, and ladies nights out! Back to the interview… fascinated with Sarah’s life as a Nanny in her early career travelling to foreign places such as Italy, Canada & Ghana, here’s what we learned…


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to set up Cicciona’s?

My career as a Nanny started when I was 19 and from the beginning I would work for more than one family each week. I loved it! It kept me fresh for each home and I enjoyed the diversity of working with different families.

I always loved going for interviews, meeting the families and chatting during the interview about their family’s and how I could support and help them. Running my own Nanny Service was a dream which became reality in 2004, alongside having our own family. Being a Nanny meant that I could be at home with my children and do the part of Nannying I loved; chatting to families about their requirements. I like to find solutions for everything in life so this suited me well!

Sounds amazing! So where does the name Cicciona’s come from? And what does it mean?

Towards the start of my career whilst I worked as a Nanny in Italy, the local family I worked for would (gently!) pinch their baby’s cheeks and say ‘Cicciona!’ Translation – ‘Chubby Cherub’! It’s an affectionate term and with children being priority in Italy it seemed right for my childcare business.

The ‘baby’ now 20, came to visit last year for a couple of weeks and they were in touch recently with Birthday wishes for me… 🙂

Fantastic! How lovely that you keep in touch… Here at MoM we’re promoting and encouraging Mums to #GetOutMore. What do you do to ensure you get out each day?

I’m currently in training to do the London to Paris Bike ride with 5 friends this September. I turn 40 this year and really want to go into my 40’s fit. Some days getting out can be difficult with kids going in different directions, alongside work and dogs to walk but having this to focus on does force me to find the time and motivation each week. My kids being proud of me is the best motivation.

All money raised for this mammoth cycle is going to Acorns Children’s hospice: Just giving Page for Acorns

WOW, hats off to you. We wish you all the best with your ride. What piece of advice would you give Mums thinking of setting up their own business?

Being a Mum means needing to constantly multi-task. Some days just keeping up with my kids, what they need, and where they need to be, is a full-time job. I try not to multi-task if I can as I always miss something and try instead to ‘box’ things up. So whilst I’m working I try not to look at what needs doing around me – easier said than done when I work from home and the washing pile is exploding.

I’m not naturally organised so I have to work hard at it! I use my voice recorder whilst I’m driving so I can remember all the things that pop up in my brain, and straight out again if I don’t jot them down! I have a pen and pad by my bed in order to write down things so I can sleep better knowing I won’t forget!

Great advice. We like the idea of boxing tasks together. Ok lastly, tell us your best, secret place to take your children? Ssh, we won’t tell anyone.. 🙂

I love Ragley Hall. We tend to go once every Summer. Being there reminds me of when I was little. I love the maze and racing my kids to the centre. Visiting Ragley feels like we’ve had a proper break even when we visit for the day. Anywhere that brings out your inner child and makes you laugh with your children has got to be pretty special.

Couldn’t agree with you more Sarah! 🙂

How To Get In Touch?

If you or someone you know is getting married, visit Sarah’s fabulous new website for wedding crèche details, in particular, check out her children’s party boxes to keep the little ones busy and happy during the big day.

You can find Cicciona’s on social media. Be sure to Like and Follow their pages for news, tips and what they get up to.


Twitter: CiccionasNanny

Facebook: WeddingCrecheChildcareSolutions

Instagram: Children_At_Weddings

What’s Next?

Look out for our next Independents Day small business blog where we talk to award-winning artisan chocolate specialist Chocolate Avenue. You seriously don’t want to miss this – I had a lot of fun tasting some of their best products. It’s a hard life. Sweet!

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