Independents’ Day: Snapbright

Welcome back!! It’s fabulous to see you here again. We’ve got some great news for you… MoM is bringing back Independents’ Day every Friday throughout August to continue our support for local businesses and spreading the love of keeping it local. So be sure to seek out MoM social media pages (search @MagicOfMalvern) every Friday to find our latest chat with one of our fabulous local and independent businesses.

This week we caught up with fellow twin Mum, Sophie Toole – Director and founder of Snapbright, selling beautifully simple coordinating baby grow and duvet sets. Knowing first hand how challenging bringing up twins can be, it is really great to hear Sophie’s story of how she came to set up Snapbright to help her find that all important work / life balance. Let’s grab that Garibaldi, dunk it in the tea and get started…


Tell us a bit about your background and how you came to set up Snapbright?

I originally worked in construction which is very different from what I am doing with Snapbright! I always planned to go back to work after having children but, when it came to it, the commute to Cheltenham and juggling childcare wasn’t an option. I did go back to work for a company in Worcester but soon realised that I wanted to spend more time with my children.

When the children were younger I was always mismatching fasteners, even on vests, and it drove me mad. I came across some baby grows that said they had colour coordinating fasteners which I thought was a fantastic idea and then later realised I had just spent a fortune on fasteners that matched the fabric. Which led me to create Snapbright, we create baby grows and children’s bedding with colour matching fasteners to prevent mis-matching . I shared the idea with a few people to get their thoughts and then decided to give it a try. It is early days but the feedback has been positive and I am looking forward to whatever it throws at me.

Great idea! And we can totally understand wanting to spend more time with your children at such a young age. So how do you manage to balance life with twins and running a business? What’s your secret?

I just deal with life not being as simple anymore. The children are obviously my priority, but at the same time I am trying to create a better future for them. They are coming in quite handy as models at the moment and sharing what we get up to with social media helps to create a positive image for the company, whilst we also get to have fun as a family! I spend my evenings planning posts for the next day, catching up with work and planning what we will be doing so at least I have a plan of attack. Organisation is key.

It certainly is! And you certainly sound very organised. Here at MoM we’re promoting and encouraging Mums to #GetOutMore. What do you do to ensure you get outside as much as you can?

I love being outside and grew up in the countryside so the children have just grown up being used to it. When they were younger I used to run with them in the pushchair so they could get fresh air and see different surroundings whilst I also got my run in. Now they ride their bikes and I run. I also love an adventure and finding new places to visit with the children, new places to run and new places to get lost! It is so important for their learning and health to be outside so come rain or shine we will be having a picnic or jumping in puddles.

Ah muddy puddles. Such a simple and effective way to entertain the children. What piece of advice would you give Mums thinking of setting up their own business?

Research, and then do a bit more research. Never rush anything and be prepared for hard work. It can be extremely stressful. If you are determined to make it work, you will.

Lastly, tell us your best, secret place to take your children in the area?

I actually have two…. one being The Knapp and Papermill Reserve at Alfrick and the other is the woodland below Brockhampton Estate, near Bromyard. Both are free and we love woods. At the Knapp and Papermill we can splash around in the brook, which the children love, and they love running through the meadows. The woods at Brockhampton are beautiful, there is so much to do there. Each time we go we find something new. They have a dipping pond and picnic area so take your nets!

Brilliant! We’re certainly fans of the Knapp and Papermill Reserve. Thank you Sophie.

Where Can You Find And Buy Snapbright products?

Take a look at the Snapbright website and browse through their current range of products, and be sure to sign up to their newsletter, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest on their news and offers.

Website: Snapbright

Facebook: Snapbright

Twitter: Snapbright

If you enjoyed this blog then make sure you take a sneaky peek at some of our other fantastic Independents’ Day blogs. There’s more to come so be sure to join us next Friday. In the meantime have a great weekend, and remember #GetOutMore and be social, it’s good for you.


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